Thursday, August 16, 2012

Thursday night: Tempo run

I almost didn't run or workout today but around 7 pm, I decided that the broken lawn mower and piles of clothes could wait and that I really needed to get a run in before our practice run at Medoc State Park this Saturday. So I put on my Merrell glove shoes and my Garmin watch and stepped outside. It took a good 0.5 mile before the Garmin picked up the gps signal but that just gave me time to warm up and run down the hilly greenway.  I ran 3 miles total (not counting the half-mile warmup) and my times were pretty good:
Mile 1: 10:19 minutes
Mile 2: 10:24 minutes
Mile 3: 12:18 minutes
The last mile sucked because it was the 0.5 mile steep uphill but it gives me something to work on and I need to run hills or I won't get stronger.


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