Thursday, August 30, 2012

Longish run Thursday night

I took one more step to increasing my mileage: 10.9 miles of running on Black Creek Greenway and Lake Crabtree Lake Trail.  I pushed it as much as I could and finished in 2:16, average pace of 12:30.  It felt pretty good, I used a Nathan's water pack filled with 3 Nuun fruit punch tablets and 50 oz of water.  I also brought some Clif shot blocks, at 3 of them about halfway through the run which was sufficient to keep me energized.  Running on the greenway was easier and I sped up considerably (averaging a 10 min/mile pace) so I tried to slow down because I knew I wasn't going to sustain that pace.  Once I was on the Lake Trail, the pace slowed down.  I didn't trip on any roots or rocks and overall it was pretty good run! After 10.9 miles, I stopped the clock and walked the last 0.6 miles home.  My muscles had seized up and I was feeling the effects of a hard run.  There was some incredibly slow walking in that 0.6 mile. We will see how this affects Sunday's long run (goal is 20 Umstead miles!).


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