On Saturday, I went to Medoc Mountain State Park to do a "fun run", aka Medoc Mountain Meltdown 50K and "Fun Fat Ass" run.  I had no intention of actually doing 50K but the opportunity to go run at Medoc before our October trail marathon was too good to pass up.  The route was about 8.6 miles (my GPS said 8.4 miles though but I'm totally going to go  with the 8.6 miles they list) through various trails in the park. It was pretty awesome. The second mile was the hardest as it seemed to just go up and up for over 0.5 mile but the route had everything: rocks, roots, nice soft pine needle sections, a few sandy sections near the water.  My legs had a tough time running up the hills, I'm not sure if it was because of the Friday WOD or I just need to man up and learn to attack the hills.  I did my best to just speed on the downhills and did pretty good. 

There was no heat, no humidity and the horseflies just made me run faster! The spiders also ran away from me.

The pie plates were great, never got lost or confused out there.

I ended up taking 4 hours to finish 17.2 miles, not bad considering my longest run this year was 13 miles!  By mile 15 though, my hips starting hurting and I had to pretty much shuffle/walk/jog very slowly to get the last 2.2 miles done.  I did not trip once on the trail nor did I turn my ankles. I think my biggest challenges were that my right knee started to hurt by mile 10 (an achy feeling that I used to get all the time in my regular running shoes (non-minimal shoes)) and the pain in my hips.  The hip pain I think will go away if I continue my strength program and get better about stretching.  It's so hard to follow through with stretching, I always feel like I'm on the go and just haven't invested in the down time stretching takes!

I think this does mean that I can finish 26.2 miles in under 7 hours (the limit for the marathon in October).  It also means I got more running to do at Umstead! 


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