Sunday, August 12, 2012

Friday WOD outdid me

The Friday WOD was pretty hard, I'm terrified of jumping into the tire, much less jumping out! The tires are big- Jason says it's equivalent to an 18" box jump, maybe 20", I'm going to have to check. So part of my problem is that I've mentally and physically trained myself to be able to jump on top of the tire but can't get over the fear of missing the tire if I jump into it! So I just did 2 jumps on top of the tire:
800M run
10 tire flips, jump in/jump out
30 sledge hammers (10 lb hammer)
3 rounds
Time 23:51
Afterward I did some strength training:
3x5 reps 75, 85, 85 lbs Front squats
2x10 reps 115, 125 lbs deadlifts
1x10 reps 45 lbs military press

I've been trying to eat better lunches but even when I eat 1/2 lb turkey with veggies like this: I'm hungry for carbs in about 3 hrs!


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