Friday, August 17, 2012

Friday WOD: a little heavy lifting

I made it to the morning class without feeling sleepy or hungry:
Five rounds for time of:
155/105 pound Deadlift, 12 reps
155/105 pound Hang power clean, 9 reps
155/105  pound Push jerk, 6 reps
Men were supposed to do 155 and women 105, I am no where near 105 on a hang power clean or push jerk (you dip a little so it's easier than a push press).  I attempted 75 lbs but after two hang power cleans, I gave up because it was heavy and I saw 43 more reps in front of me. I went down to 67 lbs and finished in 13:20.
Not too bad and the workout should not affect my 17 mile run tomorrow.  I'm happy I got 4 WODs in this week and am feeling stronger. My back is no longer sore so I suspect it was all the furniture moving. I still need to work on my core strength though! It's hard to fit everything in, I'd love to figure out how I can work part-time to have more time for the fun stuff :).


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