Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Wednesday WOD: Max Front Squat

Today's workout was in two parts:
15 mins to
find 1 rep max front squat : 100 lbs
3 rounds
25 jump lunges
25 push press 65/45
Run 400m
Time: 11:58

I have a problem when I go heavier on my squats, I'm not exactly sure how low I should squat and even though I know I should squat as deep as a I can, I hesitate too much when I go heavy.  I'm trying to practice doing a full squat with 75 lbs and my goal this year is to get confident enough to go deep and then come back up with heavier weights! Good thing was that my front squat "max" is not less than it was before herniating my disc! And no pain today!


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