I was feeling a little sore this morning and almost bailed on Forged Fitness but the weather forecast says rain today so I wanted to make sure I get some workout in if I can't bike/run in the afternoon. And I'm glad I went, it was a great WOD!

20 min AMRAP
6 deadlifts (95 lbs)
7 burpee pullups (I did a pushup, stepped on a box and jumped up to do a pullup)
10 kettlebell swings (25 lbs)
Run 200M

I finished 5 rounds and was halfway done with the 200M run when the 20 minutes ran out. I still finished the 200M run so I'm giving myself 6 rounds! 

After the WOD was over and I rested for 5 minutes, I did:
3x10 military press 45 lbs
The last two sets and the last few reps were a struggle. 


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