Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Tuesday bike ride and Wednesday WOD

It rained in the afternoon yesterday but the trails were still open so we hosted the all-girls ride at Lake Crabtree. Unfortunately, of the 12 people who RSVP'd, only 5 of us showed up! We saw 2 other girls who RSVP'd on the trail but they had decided to do their own thing (I wish they had at least updated their RSVP).   It was an extremely casual ride seeing how 3 out of 5 of the women there were slow/beginners.  I think I missed my opportunity to do a harder ride at Rocky Road but I have a feeling that all the local trails will be covered in debris/logs/tree branches from the recent thunderstorms.  We ended up even clearing some of the trails ourselves while biking and Crabtree now has several log crossings!  They will probably be gone by next week though.

This morning's WOD was a met-con:
45 seconds at each station then 15 second rest:
Airdyne bike or rower
ring rows
Slamballs (20 lb ball)
Prowler push or tire flips
Bulgarian bag around the world (see this youtube video)
3 rounds

The most challenging thing was the Bulgarian bag exercise, I kept twisting it behind my head and messing up my hair (yeah, I'm putting that in there, it bugged me).  It did feel like a good core exercise though.

So I've done my workout for today, I haven't been weightlifting as much as I want but will get back into it after I move this weekend.  I bought a bench and bar/weights so I could work out at home also.  I really want to improve my squat depth and work on the drills for the snatch and clean.


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