Sunday, July 29, 2012

More moving less working out

The deadlifts on Thursday did not set me back, after I saw the chiropractor, I felt better after a couple of hours and was feeling normal.  I did, however, took it easy on Friday and did not workout except for packing boxes for my impending move into a house. No more apartment living for me, I now have a place for a weight bench at home (it's in the garage currently, will move down to the basement when I get the muscle to help) and a future dip machine and ping-pong table. 

I had overly ambitious plans to do a short mountain bike ride on Saturday prior to moving my stuff from the apartment to the house but that of course did not happen. I, along with Jim, John, Tushar, Lisa and Edward worked from 9 am to 6 pm to move all my crap.  I cannot believe how much stuff I have and I'm not even a hoarder! The only advantage to all this working out was that I had the stamina to finish moving and was able to do a run on Sunday morning- about 8.5 miles.  I had planned to do 12 miles but I just didn't have the motivation (work, cleaning up after the move, organizing the house all weighed on my mind).  Still 8.5 miles of singltetrack running was not bad and I think I have another long run in me before the next weekend.  My bike was pretty lonely this weekend, hopefully I can go on a ride tomorrow night.


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