After 75 push presses on Wednesday, I woke up on Thursday with my upper right arm hurting.   It was hard to raise it up or put on a sweater or shirt.  I strained it due to the push presses so I took off from Forged Fitness on Thursday and Friday.  I did not do any workout at all on Thursday to rest up.  By Friday morning, my arm still hurt a bit but I went to my physical therapy session in the morning and told my PT that I thought I was done with therapy since my left leg and lower back were pretty much at 95%.  We agreed that I would have one more session next week and then come back after a month to evaluate my progress.  Friday evening, I went for a short 2 mile trail run with Jim at Umstead park on the Loblolly trail.

Saturday, we biked Rocky Road quite late in the day (it was turning out to be a low activity weekend!) but we got in 8.5 miles and I'm glad I did it.  I think I'm getting better at the technical stuff every time I do this trail and if I keep it up, I might be able to bike Rocky Road without feeling like I'm going to die after the first two anaerobic miles.  I still have a bit of anxiety when I'm on the trail because I feel like I'm going to hurt myself in a crash but so far, so good.  My endurance and stamina are nowhere near where it should be since the weekend is the only opportunity to do 20+ miles of riding.  Right now I feel like after 8.5 miles, I'm spent!
 I did practice some skills: the first video is me clearing a rock section that comes after you get up the hill:

Second video is clearing a log, I'm still not doing the front wheelie correct but it looks so easy to clear the log when you use momentum to your advantage:

On Sunday, I ran with Jim, Lisa and Barbara.  Our first "official" Medoc Marathon training run.  We ran the 8 miles of the Sycamore trail at Umstead park.  I'm so glad Umstead exists and it is only 5 minutes from where I live.  It definitely is a jewel of Raleigh.  I say I ran with them but really, they ran far ahead of me and I walked/ran.  Four months from a back injury really has set me back and I haven't been as rigorous with training.  I have lots of excuses like it's raining, work has been overwhelming, my left leg has only felt pretty good in the last 3 weeks but no more excuses now.  I signed up for this trail marathon in October and I am determined to finish it with a good time.

Team Red after running 8 miles of singletrack


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