This week has been too busy and has left little time to write but I have had some good workouts:
2 mile run -on the road at the Human Performance Lab testing out earbuds that monitor your heart rate and speed/distance.  It was good because I got $20 in Amazon gift cards to run but hard but it was 93 outside and the middle of the day plus my speed is slow!  I was averaging 12.3 min/mile.

Forged Fitness WOD "Elizabeth"
Squat Clean (67 lbs)
Dips (band-assisted)
I finished in 11:36

After work, I hosted the all-women's bike ride at Lake Crabtree. My legs were pretty shot from cleans in the morning but there were only 5 of us in total so it was a casual ride.  We practiced some skills- going down a rooty hill and the big logstack.  Tonya did both! and Chris did the rooty hill successfully.  She still stood up and had bad body position but lucky for her the hill is a gradual slope and not steep like the one she endo'd on at Harris Lake. 

And today! Another great WOD at Forged Fitness:
AMRAP 20 minutes
10 Deadlifts (115 lbs)
10 pullups (band-assisted)
10 double-unders (10 very poor attempts at doing a double under)
7 rounds!
I had not done anything over 95 lbs on the deadlift in a WOD until today and I'm happy to say that it was doable but tough.  My back is a little sore but not in pain.  I wish I could have done the Rx (135 lbs) but that will come with more time and more training and more core work.  There are so many things to work on, it can be overwhelming but I'm glad I can do these Crossfit workouts on a regular basis again.


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