Well, the weekend passed so quickly I didn't have a chance to blog about it but it was great time.  On Friday I went to Forged Fitness in the morning and did:
5 rounds of 3 snatches @70%
rest 1 min between rounds
I ended up at 63 lbs and it felt pretty good, I realized that the key to a good snatch move is to be quick and confident, the times I hesitated when the bar was up near my chest is when I failed to get it overhead.  I downloaded videos from Crossfit Journal on the Olympic lifts and think this will be helpful in getting better at these movements. I used to obsessively watch videos from Crossfit journal and it was totally worth the annual $25 fee to gain some knowledge from people who know how to run, how to lift and how to teach it!
3 rounds
20 Over Head Squat 65/45, I did the 33 lb bar and ended up doing 4 rounds of the squats!
30 lateral hops

total time for the workout: 20:05
80 over head squats at 33 lbs was enough to get my legs tired by the end of the day and I felt it when I was biking on Saturday.

Biking on Saturday: singletrack ride of 14 miles on 286 in 95-100 degree weather!  It was awesome, I put lots of ice in my Camelbak and stayed cool and didn't even run out of water!  I cleared some technical parts on the trail that I had not been able to in the past and felt pretty good despite how tired my legs felt.
Saturday night, we went kayaking for about 2.5 hours on Harris Lake and it was relaxing and fun.  I'm still slow (see a theme here?) but rowing was getting easier and I liked being in the water.

Sunday: 5 mile run of Company Mill at Umstead state park.  It once again took me 1 hr and 16 minutes to complete it and again it was very humid and hot but bearable.  I have to run more this week in order to increase my mileage on the weekend.


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