On Saturday, I spent two hours in the morning at an Olympic Weightlifting seminar held at Forged Fitness Raleigh.  I learned how to do drills of a dissected snatch.  We learned how to hold the bar with a hook grip.  We practiced doing a muscle up snatch from the waist to above our head.  We practiced the hang snatch movement (from above the knees, to the waist and then overhead).  We also practiced just lifting the bar off the ground and bringing it right above our knees.  The snatch is probably the hardest exercise for me to do since I tend to just use momentum to get the bar off the ground and I forget about all the parts it takes to get it from the waist to overhead.  It was pretty useful to get coached on this and I have plenty of drills to take away and practice.  The guy leading the seminar is a strength and condition coach at NCSU, Timothy Rabas.  It was definitely worthwhile and I'd love to do something like this once a month to practice technique and learn how to weight lift safely and effectively.

Saturday afternoon consisted of a good 20-mile mountain bike ride. Jim documented my efforts on camera:

It was a mix of bridle trails at Umstead, singletrack on Delta Ridge, Hubcap and Sludge and then eking about 2 miles out of the greenway to get 20 miles total. I was exhausted during and after the bike ride!  My endurance is no where near where it should be.  It also didn't help that the only other time I rode this past week was Tuesday night.

And Sunday: a 10 mile run through Umstead.  Starting off at Company mill, making a left at the bridge, right on Old Reedy Creek, left on S. Turkey Creek. Here I took a break to eat my Sport Jelly Beans and refill my water with a Nuun tablet to replenish my electrolytes.  I had done about 6.3 miles at this point and I realized that if I continued on the agreed upon route, I'd end up doing way more than 10 miles (more like 13!) and my legs just were not capable of running that much more.  I therefore took a shorter route by making a left onto Cedar Ridge which crosses a creek. It rained cats and dogs last night so the little creek crossing had turned into a river and I had to wade across it to get to the other side.  I ran up Cedar Ridge and made a right back onto Old Reedy Creek and then a left onto Company mill to finish my run. Time: 2 hours and 30 minutes! I am pretty damn slow right now, but my hips feel good, my back felt good and I have to keep running if I want to get back to my old pace.  I think that was a sufficient amount of exercise for the weekend! Now it's icing and using the Stick to help my poor muscles recover.


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