Sunday, June 10, 2012

Weekend activities

This was probably the lowest key weekend I've had in a while.  On Saturday we went mountain biking at Beaverdam with the Logstacks group (casual mountain bikers who meet up at Lake Crabtree usually for a spin).  The reason- we haven't been to Beaverdam in a while and I tried out my new flat pedals with my Five Ten shoes on a low-key (translation: not going really fast and taking lots of breaks) ride.  The ride was great, I have to say the only thing I wasn't prepared for was how much I had to put my weight down on the pedals.  I felt the difference on the downhills when my feet came up a bit but my feet never flew off and my shins are free from pedal scrapes.  We took many breaks on the ride because several people just didn't have the aerobic conditioning to keep going and the 9 mile ride turned out to take 3 hours!  It was still fun and I'd like to go back to Beaverdam for a faster-paced ride soon.  I'm going to stick with the flat pedals for a while and see how it goes.

On Sunday, we went for a run at Umstead State park- Company Mill.  The pain in my left hip flared up and I could barely run a mile before I had to start walking.  Everyone else did 5.5-6 miles, I ended up only doing 3 miles.  The pain was on and off the rest of the day and I'm trying to do the stretches to alleviate it now.  I go back to the physical therapist this week and I'm thinking of seeing the chiropractor too because if this continues, I don't think I can run anymore and that would suck.  I then enjoyed a 2 hour nap and made lots of healthy veggies for the week (broccoli and Korean squash, beets and sweet potatoes).

Soreness: my legs are still a little sore (it was worse yesterday) and my abs are really sore.


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