Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Tuesday WOD is Front Squats

I took yesterday off mainly because I had a physical therapy appt at 5 pm and then had to go back to work and didn't make it home till 8 pm plus it was raining heavily which meant no biking for me.  My stomach was very sore yesterday but is much better today, I still move gingerly getting down and up though.  My legs feel pretty good though and the tightness and soreness are gone. 

Today's WOD:
Fronts Squats
2x6 @ 70% your 1 rep max; I started with 33 lbs
2x6 @ 80% your 1 rep max; then 55 lbs
2x6 @ 85% your 1 rep max: 63 lbs
The 63 lbs took some effort but was not near my 85% max, I'm still taking it easy and ramping up on the lifting.  I'm hoping I don't get as sore this week since my body should remember all the squats from last week. 
After the lifting we did a mini-WOD:
12 ring dips (I used a band to assist)
400M run
3 rounds
Time: 7:58
Running was okay, I'm still slow and feel like my left side is still unbalanced. I'm going to do a running assessment with the physical therapist next week to see how it is.  She did look at my leg strength (doing single leg lifts) and there wasn't too much difference but my balance is definitely worse on my left leg.


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