Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Tuesday WOD and the Girls' ride

On Tuesday, I went to Forged Fitness in the AM and we did:
75 lbs 3x5 sets
95 lbs 2x5 sets
then a mini-WOD:
20 box jumps (I just did step ups on a 20" box)
10 toes to bars
3 rounds
Time: 5:43

My back was sore and stiff after the WOD but luckily I had a physical therapy appointment at 8 am and so she made me feel much better.  I am not nearly as conscientious as I need to be to make sure my back stays okay but it's tough since it varies so much from day to day. 

After work, I did the Girls ride at Lake Crabtree. I thought it was only going to be small group since only 4 of us RSVP'd but we ended up having 10 people! It was nice, fast bike ride.  I attempted the rock garden on Loop 5 and still couldn't make it up but I will be trying it every time! 


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