Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Tuesday night is "ride like a girl"

I helped lead the regular Tuesday night ride for women only on the Lake Crabtree trails.  It was a good night and a good turnout- we had about 11 people total.  Three women were true beginners, never been out on singletrack and came with skinny tires!  I helped lead the beginner/intermediate group which ended up being me, another woman and an eleven year old girl who was really great at mountain biking.  We did the outer loop of trails and got about 6 miles in plus my 1.5 each way made for a 9 mile bike ride today.  The pace was casual but I practiced my coaster wheelie and pedal wheelie on the trail.  I felt myself get the hang of it and then the next time, I would do it incorrectly but it was really cool when I did it right! I'm kind of high on mountain biking now, I want to do the epic rides on the weekend (40+ miles of singletrack) and look for new places to ride and take weekend bike/camp trips for more mountain biking!  It's been fun.


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