Monday, June 18, 2012

Monday: Run and weight lifting

My left side has still been hurting so I decided to visit the chiropractor to get an adjustment and hopefully address the pain from my sacroiliac joint.  I actually felt much better after he did the adjustment and it made me want to try running again, so.. I ran 2 miles after work!
I felt pretty good and hopefully can keep building back up to where I was.
After the run I did my weightlifting program (Starting Strength):
Back Squat:
30 lbs 2x5 reps
45 lbs 1x5 reps
55 lbs 1x3 reps
70 lbs 3x11 reps (this was actually pretty tough for me)

Military Press:
10 lbs 2x5 reps
20 lbs 2x5 reps
30 lbs 1x5 reps
40 lbs 3x10 reps

This was only my second program using the "1st Year Starting Strength" app but I like it so far!


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