Friday, June 15, 2012

3 WODs this week!

The soreness in my legs was going away so I did my third WOD this week at Forged Fitness.
The WOD:
3 wall walks
200M run
15 deadlifts 73 lbs
As many rounds as possible in 15 minutes
I did 4 rounds, those wall walks were tough!
In the evening I started my weight lifting program:
Warmup weights done for each exercise then the actual sets were:
3x10 back squats 70 lbs
3x10 military press 2x20 lb dumbbells
2x10 assisted pullups

I'm probably in store for more soreness tomorrow but I'm determined to get stronger and you can't do that unless you start lifting! I downloaded a free app to help me, it's called 1st year and is a nifty program for beginner strength training.

1st Year App
The Menu was easy to navigate
I love this, it gives you the form, more settings, and your progress on your lifts.


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