Monday, May 28, 2012

I'm still exercising!

The past week has been too busy to allow blogging but I have been working out.
Friday: hilly single track near my apartment, affectionately known trail "Sludge". Even in the easy direction, there are some good climbs. It was about 4 miles total.
Saturday: trail run at Umstead, Sycamore trail 7.5 miles, it took me a long time! By 5 miles I was spent but I soldiered on to finish.
Sunday: a casual hike on the Company Mill trail with my parents, we did 4 miles.
Monday (today): bike ride at Umstead park on the bridle trails, a total of 16 miles.
I'm aiming to ramp up the intensity of my workouts in June and go back to Forged Fitness. I need the discipline of going to the gym at 6 am and seeing people to adhere to intense workouts.
My back feels normal but I still have some joint pain, I'm no longer sure if the physical therapist can do anything for me, so I'm going to see the chiropractor. If that doesn't work, it's off to see an orthopedist.


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