Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Fruita, Colorado Trip Day 1

I am back from my mountain biking vacation and was unprepared to come back to work. After waking up every morning for five days and heading out for a bike ride, it was not very exciting to have to wake up and drive to work and sit at my desk all day. But I did get a bike ride in after work yesterday and felt better.

We got to Grand Junction, CO on Saturday around 7:30 pm because I inadvertently misread the departure time- I thought we were departing at 6:30 am, but the plane was leaving at 6 am!  We still managed to check in our luggages but security slowed us down and we missed the plane by 2 minutes :(.  This meant we had to take a later flight and ended up in the Houston airport for 7 hours!  And the Houston airport is not that interesting.  I did end up getting a book I've been interested in for a while now - The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks so that was a good way to pass the time.  The next morning we met up with our Western Spirit guides (Josh, John and Simon) and loaded up the van and trailer with our gear and headed out for a bike ride. 

John and Josh loading up the van with mountain bikes!
We started off the trip with Rabbit Valley and took the singletrack Zion Curtain Trail.  The views were amazing, the rocks were big, the hills were long. It was a great first day.  It was also sunny with no trees around!  I had eaten about 10 strawberry and cherry Starburst chews at the start of the ride and I think that kept my energy up.   We did about 21 miles that first day and got to camp by ~ 3 pm (started off riding at 9:30 am).
Me and some of my fellow riders, there was 9 of us from the Raleigh area + 3 guides from Western Spirit.
Taking a break off the bike and checking out the amazing views.
Lunch on the trail.
I wore knee pads and elbow pads to ensure that I didn't ruin my ride by being hurt if I fell!


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