Thursday, May 10, 2012

Biking, running, and motivation

I tried writing a post two days ago but the computer ate it up.  I've been biking but not as much as a I hoped for.  Saturday we did 15 miles of Umstead and 5 miles of singletrack at Delta Ridge.  Delta ridge was challenging, steep hills and ridge lines where you could fall into the creek if you didn't keep your balance up.  And we get caught in a heavy thundershower right after we finished Delta ridge.  We waited maybe 5-10 minutes before trying to bike again and after another five minutes, the rain subsided and we were getting dry.   It was a good ride, my legs worked pretty hard.  We would have done even more miles if the weather had cooperated but I still felt like we put in some quality miles.

On Sunday, we did a trail run at Umstead park.  I only managed to do part of the Company mill trail ~ 4 miles.  It hurt a little bit to run after about 2 miles so I ended up walking back the last 2 miles.  I think running is going to be incrementally better but it will take more time than the biking.

On Monday, I did my Umstead loop with John, and we cheated a bit and didn't do the Cedar Ridge loop (all the rain over the weekend made the creek crossing too high for our bikes) and did about 16 miles total at 10.5 mph pace.

On Tuesday - I was too late for the girls' ride at Crabtree and ended up using my time to pack for the Colorado trip.

On Wednesday - it poured! So no biking. I did go to the gym and did 1/4 mile intervals (5) at an 11:32 min/mile pace interspersed with 3 dips on the dip bars.  I still need to dip lower but it's hard to tell that when you are actually doing it!  I also did my bicep curls and dumbbell presses with 15 lb dumbbells.  I did the core exercises my physical therapist recommended and 20 pushups.  This was the first day I felt motivated to do anything in the gym!  It's been tough, I'm not sure why I was able to consistently go to Forged Fitness and work out at 6 am but now I feel like I'm dragging to get myself into the gym on my own.  It hasn't helped that I've needed to go into work earlier and that I tend to dawdle in the morning.  Hopefully after my vacation next week, I'll get more focused.  Plus, I am definitely planning on starting Forged Fitness crossfit workouts in June so I'll be back on a program.


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