Saturday was a beautiful day, perfect mountain biking weather.  We decided to not do the 6 hour endurance race (Meltdown at Harris Lake) because I was pretty sure I wasn't ready for a 6 hr race even as a duo.  Instead, I did my first session of singletrack, first at Lake Crabtree and then on a nearby trail that everybody knows about but nobody advertises.  At Lake Crabtree, I ended up doing a total of 7 miles (included the 0.5 miles on the greenway to get there from my apartment) and I felt pretty good with how I was doing and how my back was feeling on the ride.  I then met up with Jim and we did some more singletrack that was slightly more challenging (hillier, better downhill descents, a little more technical with a few logs and bridge crossings).  I was doing pretty well until I hit 14 miles and started feeling a little tired and also challenged with a new segment of trail that was much rockier than what I was prepared to do!  This slowed me down a bit but I did finish the trail (13.5 miles).  I was beat by this time and didn't have the energy to do a lap around Umsteady so my final stats for Saturday were:
21.5 miles, 7.2 mph average in 2 hrs and 58 minutes!
I did stretch afterwards and did the cobra pose (10 times) in the morning and again in the evening to keep my back happy, but Sunday morning my back was complaining.  It felt like sciatic pain on the left side of my butt and down my leg.  I would do the cobra pose 20 times and feel better but then it kept coming back.  I continued to stretch and do the recommended exercises and after about ~ 2 hours, the pain subsided and I felt better.  I'm thinking I didn't do the cobra pose enough times the day before and the 3 hours on the bike didn't begin to really show its effects until Sunday morning.

My quads are sore so no cardio was done on Sunday. Instead I did my 3rd session of weight lifting JTH style:
3x2 dips
3x10 upright rows (15 lb dumbbells)
3x30 wrist curls (15 lb dumbbells)
3x30 shoulder shrugs (15 lb dumbbells)
3x10 bicep curls (15 lb dumbbells)
3x10 lateral raises (10 lb dumbbells)
3x10 front raises (10lb dumbbells)
3x20 cobra pose
6x10 leg lifts (lie down on your back, have lower back press into the ground, raise one straight leg 8-12" off the floor, repeat with other leg).
4x 1 minute planks
3x15 knee pushups

I also cleaned my bike today so it looks shiny and new now.  Here is to tomorrow which will hopefully bring more biking!
I was going to post my food log but after looking, I realized I haven't written down what I ate this week!  The general story looks like this though:
The Good:
Breakfast: Eggs with brocolli every day and some toast and almond butter on the weekend
Lunch: Palomilla steak with veggies, chicken breast with brocolli slaw, Churrasco!
Dinner:  Chicken breast with brocolli slaw

The Bad:
3 Cadbury Fruit and Nut bars
chips and salsa as a meal

The Ugly:
Onion rings at Applebee's, I also had a cheeseburger but I don't feel guilty about that.


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