Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Tuesday lifting

I think the steroids are finally wearing off, I finally feel like I'm awake at 6 pm (two 12 oz Mountain Dew Supernovas and 16 oz diet Coke today did not improve my situation). I'm hoping I wake up tomorrow without feeling like I'm drowsy.  I tried to eat better today which was only partially successful: oatmeal with greek yogurt and blueberries for breakfast and churassco with tostones and kidney beans for lunch and blue corn tortilla chips and salsa for dinner.  The churassco was pretty good but the tostones was more carb than I actually wanted but I couldn't stop myself from finishing it off! There was zero motivation to cook a good meal for dinner but I bought everything I need to eat healthier and better tomorrow (organic chicken, organic roast beef, brocolli, mushrooms and brocolli cole slaw).

After work, I did my JTH weight-lifting program
3x10 upright rows (15 lb dumbbells)
3x30 shoulder shrugs (front, back, up) (15 lb dumbbells)

3x10 lateral raises (10 lb dumbbells)
3x30 wrist curls (10 lb dumbbells)

3x10 bicep curls (it was tough with 15 lb dumbbells)
3x2 dips

I did the deadbug exercise afterward 3x10 sets. 


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