Monday, April 23, 2012

Sunday workout

It rained all day Sunday and I took advantage of it by not doing all that much.  I did get in my weightlifting routine in and am improving on my dips (did more reps this time) and have moved up to the 20 lb dumbbells on some of the exercises. 15 lbs is still pretty challenging for the bicep curls and 10 lbs is still a challenge for the front raises although I think I should at least do one set with the 15 lbs for the lateral raises.

ExerciseSetsReps/SetWeight (lbs)
Bent-over row31020
Shoulder shrugs33020
Wrist curls33015
Bicep curls31015
Lateral raises31010
Front raises31010
Air squats215bodyweight
Knee pushups215bodyweight
Cobra pose310bodyweight
Bent knee lifts220bodyweight

While doing the workout, I can feel my back aching a little bit so I am careful not to make any sudden movements and did the cobra pose frequently.  The last exercise (bent knee lifts) is me lying on my back with my knees bent (feet still on the floor). I press my back into the floor the whole time, raise one bent knee towards my chest and then the other knee and bring each one down. You can feel your ab muscles tighten during the entire exercise and it's supposed to help strengthen your core and protect your back.  I'm doing this exercise and the cobra pose every day in the morning and in the evening. 


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