Thursday, April 26, 2012

Rainy days mean more Umstead biking

I was supposed to do some singletrack tonight but the weather didn't cooperate. It rained heavily during the day and the trails were too muddy and wet so we went biking on the Umstead bridle trails.  We ended up doing 22 miles (I'm counting my green-way miles to Umstead!) , hitting one new hill (new to us) and Cedar Ridge and Reedy Creek Lake Trail.  I tried pushing it as hard as I could but John still beat me up most of the climbs.  I did do better on the downhill curves though- I laid off the brakes and was able to lean into the curve with my bike while leaning out with my body to balance.  It worked pretty well, I was also a little tentative going down Graylyn but it turns out I didn't need to brake at all! 
Stats: 9.5 mph, 132 minutes, 22.1 miles

We even got a glimpse of wildlife on our ride when a deer crossed the road in front of us.  I'm always afraid that a deer will inevitably be prancing through the woods and I'll be biking along and suddenly we will crash into each other, it hasn't happened yet but every time I ride and see deer I think it's a possibility. Tomorrow I hope to try riding on the rockiest local trail, every time I have ridden it, the trail has kicked my ass, I have a feeling tomorrow will be no different but as long the weather stays dry, I'm ok with getting my ass kicked by a tough trail.


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