Sunday, April 29, 2012

Race day 4/28/12

On Saturday, Jim and I did the trail duathlon at Harris Lake County Park.  It was a 4.5 mile trail run and then a 6.5 mile mountain bike.  It started at 8:30 and I ended up being dead last of the runners!  I think only 30 people signed up for the event but of those 30, I was definitely the least fit to run.  It's amazing what 8 weeks of no running will do to your stamina and speed.  By the time I finished the run, my lonely bike was the only one waiting on the field.  I stopped by the car to drink some water and eat a Gu (Lime-flavored, 100 calories, not what I will choose in the future).  I changed out of my Merrell running shoes and into my bike shoes and sped away on the bike.  The mountain bike portion went much better but I never caught up to anyone- I finished the 6.5 mile mtn bike at a 9.1 mph pace.  It took me 1 hour and 57 minutes and 30 seconds to finish the duathlon.  I spent 68 minutes on the run/changeover of shoes/eating and 49 minutes biking.   Overall it was fun, Bushwhack Adventures puts on a good race.  I knew I wasn't going to do well at all due to my back issues but it was great to even be able to run (jog) and now I feel more confident that I can start running again. My back only ached a little after about 3.5 miles and it subsided within a few minutes of walking.  Wearing the Merrell Pace gloves didn't negatively affect my feet either, I had no problems running in the minimal shoes and no blisters.

We also registered as a team to do the 6-hr Sprint Adventure race which consisted of trekking, biking and paddling and collecting checkpoints.  We only managed to do it for 2 hours and only the trekking portion, I was a lot more wiped out from the morning race than I expected and after walking all over the park looking for checkpoints (I feel like we walked at least 4 miles), I was spent and wanted to quit. Jim was in agreement so we handed in our map with the checkpoints we got and called it quits.  The race directors told us we could come back after an hour if we wanted to continue but neither of us felt like it. It was interesting to try this race but I found it tricky to figure out our location using a compass and looking for checkpoints that were in random areas. Next time I sign up for something like this, I'm definitely going to take a class on orienteering and really understand how to use a compass.  I am not sure if I like this format for a race but it is different and could be fun under the right circumstances (like not being tired from a race earlier in the day!).

People getting their bikes in place for the second leg of the race

Jim listening to the race director. See the kid in the white t-shirt, he cheated! See the woman in black? She came in 2nd to last, I was 30 seconds behind her :(

Finished the duo! 

Okay, one of the checkpoints was in the middle of this tunnel

Jim volunteered to go in for the checkpoint

This time I used the flash and zoom to get a better picture of Jim stamping the checkpoint on our map

Nice view of the nuclear reactor cooling tower from Harris Lake County Park

We got a long-sleeve tee and this nice pint glass for our efforts today


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