It was another beautiful, warm day in the Triangle area and I had the opportunity to bike again with my friend John.  We did the Umstead loop, this time adding both the Cedar Ridge hill and the spur off of Old reedy creek (reedy creek lake trail- now known as Sarwat's spur).  The bike ride stats:
21.3 miles, 10.4 mph in ~2 hrs.
I felt pretty good! I definitely need to work on the hills but I wasn't worn out and my quads are no longer sore so I need to bike more!
My back has been aching in the morning and there's been the associated sciatic pain down my left leg, neither seems to go away unless I do a lot of stretching with the cobra pose.  Once I do the cobra pose about 20 times and repeat it for 2-3 more sets, the pain subsides and I feel better for the rest of the day as long as I repeat the stretching every couple hours.  I have another session with the physical therapist tomorrow so hopefully she will show me more exercises to do and in general just help me rehabilitate.  Overall, I can cope with it but it would be nice to work up to a point where it isn't a regular occurrence.


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