Saturday, April 21, 2012

Mountain biking at OVT and Shiner's Run

We did a road trip today and drove to Wilkesboro, NC for some mountain biking.  Although we drove quite a bit, we only got in 15 miles of singletrack because it started to rain!  No worries, it was nice to try a new trail (OVT (Overmountain Victory Trail) and Shiner's Run).  It was very flowy, lots of berms, no rocks, very few roots. In all, it was the best mountain bike trail for someone with a bad back because I had very little impact and I felt great before, during and after the biking!  By far, today has been the most pain-free day I have had since early March and it felt wonderful.
We were supposed to bike Warrior's Creek but didn't get the chance due to the impending rain.  While on the trail, I snacked on fig newtons and lots of water. The rest of the day was a wash, driving back home, had a burger, fries and onion rings at Red Robin and then some Hageen Dazs Chocolate Chip ice cream at home.  I go back to clean eating tomorrow :)
I do feel like I'm more motivated now to bike and do my exercise routine (weight lifting and walking) more so now than a couple of weeks ago.  I realized I have to get up and do some kind of workout in the morning otherwise I just don't manage to fit in the time to lift weights or walk after work since I'd rather be mountain biking.  I'm doing the cobra pose every day, several times a day and trying to also do hamstring stretches which help my left side feel better.  Now I need to incorporate squats, pushups, and planks every day to maintain some strength and build up my core muscles.


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