After work I went for an easy mountain bike ride at Lake Crabtree with fellow women riders.  I ended up being late and finding the group on the trail changing a flat tire. One girl had CO2 cartridges and a spare tube for the girl with the flat tire but out of 5 people, no one had an air pump!  I supplied the air pump and helped the girl get the new tube inserted inside the tire.  She and another girl  had never changed a flat and it was an impromptu lesson for them, from understanding what a Schrader valve was and how you need to inflate the tube slightly before inserting it into the rim and then getting the tire back on the rim with the help of tire levers (mine).  After that I pumped the tire up with my hand pump which was a workout in of itself.  Then we were on our way. I ended up doing:
64 minutes, 8.7 miles, 8.0 mph average
It was a little chilly and my legs felt a little tired, I'm not sure if it was from the squats this morning or the hard ride yesterday but I didn't feel like I had much power and it was Lake Crabtree which should have been easy.  My back felt good and so did my left leg so I must be doing something right. 


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