Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Morning workout was a shoulder workout

I managed to get to the apartment complex gym at 6:15 am this morning and did my weightlifting routine plus a couple more exercises the physical therapist recommended:

ExerciseSetsReps/SetWeight (lbs)
Bent-over row31020
Shoulder shrugs33020
Wrist curls33015
Bicep curls31015
Lateral raises31010
Walking lunges220bodyweight
Air squats215bodyweight
Knee pushups215bodyweight
Cobra pose310bodyweight
Bent knee lifts220bodyweight
One-leg bent knee bridge210bodyweight

I did the one-leg bent knee bridges on a stability ball with one foot on the ball and then raised my butt off the floor and repeated with the other leg, 10 reps on each side.  This helps my butt muscles get stronger and works each side individually which can help point out side-specific weaknesses.  It was definitely harder on my left side.

It was a good workout, but my shoulders were spent! I think it's because of the extra effort I put into the dips and then doing the shoulder shrugs right after.

Hopefully it will warm up and I will be able to do some singletrack biking after work. It will be the Tuesday "Ride Like a Girl" meetup where we ride as a group with beginner and intermediate women mountain bikers at Lake Crabtree. It's fun, when I first started doing it in 2010, I was really out of shape and had a hard time biking for an hour at Lake Crabtree!  Lake Crabtree park has almost zero elevation but for someone unfamiliar with mountain biking, it can be a challenge to climb the very short hills and rooty terrain.  But I stuck with it and rode a couple of times a week and eventually started leading the rides and now this will be my 3rd season helping out with this meetup.  It's a lot of fun to see other women pick up the sport.


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