Monday, April 30, 2012

Monday's bike ride

Monday has become my Umstead ride with John.  He's a good person to have along because I can never catch up to him on the climbs but I'm always trying my best to keep up.  We did:
22 miles, 10.3 mph pace, ~2 hrs and 7 minutes
I ended up eating a pack of Sport Jelly Beans after 14 miles because I got hungry, I thought I was going to be okay without eating anything but I started feeling bad after the fourth long climb.  
I came home and stretched and am doing my best to keep my back strong.  Post-bike ride, I ate a cheese stick and had flounder and lots of sauteed brocolli for dinner.  My dessert was mango chunks and raspberries. Good way to end the day. I love that we have summer weather in April!


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