Wednesday, April 4, 2012

JTH program 3rd time

I did my weight training program again, same as Monday except no dips or crunches since I was away from my apartment gym and felt like the crunches were too much of a strain. The planks and pushups are getting easier but still challenging.

My back and the sciatica in my left leg took a slight beating this morning just by bending down slightly to put a cup in the dishwasher, on the top shelf no less! I feel like I have to carefully make every motion and be aware of ever little stress I put on my lower back. After I felt the sharp twinge, I stopped and did a minor stretch arching my back backwards as far as comfortable and the forward, holding each pose for 10 seconds and repeating 5 times. I then got out the ice pack and continued icing throughout the day and felt more normal (I know I'm not 100% yet or even 70% but I'm getting there). I also met with a primary care physician (didn't have one before today) and am planning to to do a full blood panel and check my blood glucose tolerance to see where I stand as far as my carbohydrate tolerance, in addition, I made appointments to start physical therapy next Friday with a PT who has experience with herniated discs. All in all, I'm determined to get better as fast as I can but will go as slowly as my body forces me!


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