Friday, April 13, 2012

JTH and stretching!

I did the JTH program (the lifting portion at least, today Jim told me that there is an intense cardio portion also which I have not been doing!) and I added some additional exercises to keep strong and help my back decompress:

3x10 upright row  15 lb dumbbell
3x30 shoulder shrugs 15 lb dumbbells
3x30 wrist curls15 lb dumbbell
3x10 bicep curls 15 lb dumbbell
3x10 lateral raises 10 lb dumbbells
3x10 front raises 10 lb dumbbells (might help with lifting the handlebars on the bike when going over obstacles)
3x3 dips (it was hard today, I could do the full range of motion without failing)
6x10 air squats (my quads burned out on this! I need to keep squatting, I've been lazy this week!)
3x10 knee pushups
3x10 yoga cobra pose (helps my spine and lower back issues, after I did this with the physical therapist, I was able to bend forward much further, getting closer to my toes!)

Without Forged Fitness, it has been too easy to slide into complacency and not work out as often.  I have to turn this around and start doing more even if I can't run yet.  I'm hoping next week to start including bench presses in the workout routine and full length pushups and more squats!


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