I took off from all exercise on Friday because I was too tired and a little sleepy. I'm not sure what the cause was exactly unless dexamethasone induces tiredness (I was on the fourth day of the medication).  On Saturday, I made banana nut muffins from scratch, enjoyed about 6 of them throughout the day! And I went on another Umstead bike ride despite feeling lethargic, I got out and did:
14.2 miles, 100 minutes, 9.3 mph pace (yes, I was tired but I did try two hard hills that I hadn't done before, Cedar Ridge which was 2 miles out and back and Reedy Creek Lake Trail which was 0.5 miles out and back).  The hills reminded me how much more I need to do to get ready for the Colorado trip! 

On Sunday, I did another Umstead bike ride, this time with a friend which forced me to pick up my pace (and it helped that I was jacked up on caffeine and dark chocolate covered jumbo almonds):
16 miles, 95 minutes, 10.2 mph pace

From Monday to today (Sunday), I did 61.5 miles on the bike and every week this number should go up in order to get conditioned from Colorado.

It really does help to ride with someone better than yourself, you push yourself a little harder and you end up doing more than if you went out alone.  I like biking by myself but when I'm out with 2-3 other people, the desire to do more and get better increases! 

I started tracking my meals again and it wasn't that pretty this week but I hope that being honest about it will get me into the groove of eating better more often.  This week I often used the excuse that my injured back meant I could coddle myself and give in to comfort carbs although in the end I think it made me more tired and a little lazy but hey, if I can't be lazy while healing from a herniated disc, when can I?

4/2/20122 eggs/brocolli/chai1 lb strawberries, 1 Twix, 1 cup mango and 1/2 cup raspberries, 1 coke zero, 1/2 cup lighlty salted almondsChicken breast/tomatoes/sweet potatoground chicken with black beans and spinach
4/3/20121/2 cup oatmeal, 1 cup blueberries, chai1 lb strawberries, 1 orange, 20 oz diet cokeChili's mushroom swiss burger, 8 fries, 6 southwestern eggrolls2 oz Chicken breast/tomatoes/sweet potato with 1/2 cup rice and black beans with jalepenos
4/4/20122 eggs/brocolli/chaidiet coke, 11 dark chocolate covered almonds, 100 oz of waterPanera turkey sandwich and 1 french bread roll with butterApplebee's cheeseburger and 5 onion rings, diet pepsi
4/5/20121/2 cup oatmeal, 1 cup blueberries + 1/2 cup greek yogurt, chai1 apple, 24 oz Diet Mtn dew supernovas , 11 dark chocolate covered almonds, 4 peanut butter chocolate eggs (small), 4 malt chocolate eggs, 100 oz water2 cups ground chicken with spinach and black beans1 cups ground chicken with spinach and black beans, 1 cup frozen mango chunks
4/6/20122 eggs/brocolli/chai12 oz Diet mtn dew supernova, 5 dark chocolate covered almonds, 100 oz waterOakwood Café- Churassco (beef) with kidney beans and plantains (delicious)Steak and cheese calzone from Mellow Mushroom (I ate the whole thing!)
4/7/20123 banana nut muffins (medium)3 banana nut muffins, 1 peanut butter Cliff bar, 80 oz water1 cup ground chicken with spinach and black beansKorean style beef with veggies and 1/2 cup rice, Thai Iced tea @Tangerine Café
4/8/20122 eggs/brocolli/chai12 oz Diet mtn dew supernova, 12 dark chocolate covered almonds, 70 oz waterGarlic bread with cheese and 10" pizza with artichoke hearts, mushrooms and ground beef @Mellow MushroomPopcorn, 20 oz diet coke, Parfait frozen custard @Goodberrys and the leftover pizza from lunch


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