Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Easy bike ride

Well, the neurosurgeon said walking and biking were okay, I'm pretty sure he didn't mean any hardcore mountain biking but I'm going to see how I feel the rest of this week and try the singletrack this weekend.  For today, I did:
15.2 miles in 1:31 hrs at a 10.0 mph pace
In Umstead State Park on the bridle trails
My back didn't hurt, my left leg didn't hurt. I was careful to stand up during some of the bumpier parts of the trail but otherwise I was happy to be out there!  I have to start ramping up the bike mileage and the hills since I'm going on a mountain biking vacation in Colorado in mid-May.  Not enough time to get really fast but I hope to not get worn out on the trip (5 days of 20+ miles/day!). 
I'm still icing my back and started stretching, today I could get my hands just slightly past my knees!  I have high hopes that I'm on my way to a full recovery.


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