Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Easing back into exercising

The sciatic pain in my left leg has subsided significantly, I still feel it after sitting for too long or lying down the wrong way but overall, I feel like I'm improving.  On Monday morning, I did another earbud test with Chris Eschbach by walking 1.5 miles outside while wearing the earbud heart monitor and a regular watch heart monitor with gps.  It felt pretty good to walk but I definitely couldn't run, my left leg just wasn't having any of it. I got $20 in Amazon giftcards for my time! I'm racking up the Amazon giftcards and haven't figured out what i should buy yet.

I met with the neurosurgeon and he said that since I was feeling better, it was possible my back would heal on its own.  He prescribed steroids to reduce the inflammation on my nerves, I will take them for 5 days and then give him an update on how I feel. If I still don't feel like I'm progressing (pain still there, no change in how far I can stretch (I can only bend enough to barely touch my knees), then I get several steroid epidural shots.  And if that doesn't work, then we'll talk surgery.  I'm hoping I get better without the epidural shot and I'm going to do everything possible to recover.  I'm still icing my lower back every day, several times a day and will be very careful to not aggravate my back.

After work, I went for a 2 mile walk and I did the JTH (Jim) workout, similar to what I did this past Friday:
This time I paired two exercises together to go a little faster and alternated between the two to finish 3 sets:
3x10 upright rows
3x30 shoulder shrugs (front, back, up)

3x10 lateral raises
3x30 wrist curls

3x10 bicep curls
3x1 dip (hard, could only do one with full range of motion)

All with 10 lb dumbbells except for the dips which were just bodyweight

Then I did:
3x15 knee pushups
3x15 air squats

3x35 crunches (35 was my limit, I couldn't do any more in one set)
3x60 sec planks

The time for all of this is significantly longer than my Forged Fitness workouts but I need to do something and slow and steady is the way to go right now.


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