Between my physical therapy session at 11:30,lunch and another appointment at 4:30 pm, I went biking in Umstead on the bridle trails.   It was cold (52°F) and it rained off and on during the ride but I was determined to get some biking in so that I keep progressing and get used to biking up hills.  I did mostly an out and back - along Old Reedy Creek Road, going twice up and down Cedar Ridge (1 mile each way) and once up and down Reedy Creek Lake Trail (0.5 mile each way).
The bike ride:
18.6 miles, 116 minutes, 9.5 mph

I had more time after 6 pm but it was colder and rainier and I didn't have the motivation to do another ride. Instead I went and bought some salmon for dinner and ate 6 oz of salmon with sauteed tatsoi, asparagus and sweet potato.  The 6 oz of salmon was a lot and filled me up.  I also had some radishes and fresh spinach as a "side salad".  I'm making an even bigger effort to eat more greens and veggies since I noticed that snacking on cooked veggies around 3 pm really keeps me going and I'm not ready to pass out from hunger and eat sweet stuff if I have some veggies around then. In order to get there, I signed up to get weekly produce shipments from Papa Spuds and will be getting more local and/or organic foods.  I guess I could do this by myself at my local grocery store but even just one shipment from Papa Spuds has encouraged me to cook more veggies (otherwise they would just go bad and I'd have to throw them away) and it's a weekly reminder to keep cooking and eating fresh produce with very little effort (I click on what I want and it is delivered to my door weekly for $23, not too bad).

My physical therapy session went really well today. I feel like I made a breakthrough as this has been truly a pain free day.  I decided to put a small pillow underneath my lower back so that it would be arched while I slept and it seemed to do the trick. I woke up with minimal pain on my left side, after stretching and doing the cobra pose 10 times, I got up and went about getting ready with no issues.  This is the first day where I didn't have to go back and stretch several more times because of nerve pain!  And working with the PT, I picked up some new exercises using the stability ball and  I was able to bend forward and touch my toes by the end of the session! I was pretty excited to get back my flexibility, I was stiff but it didn't hurt to touch my toes so I feel like I made some real progress.  The PT warned me to not to overdo because I'm feeling better so I do plan to be cautious so that I don't hurt my back.  I would say now, the only pain I do feel is around my hip/left leg joint but I think with a little more physical therapy, I will get better.   I'm so much happier and appreciative of feeling normal and not having constant nerve pain or back pain.

I am posting two food pictures below, the first is dinner from tonight, the second is this past Friday's lunch at Oakwood Cafe (Raleigh), both good meals.  

Wild caught salmon topped with hoisin sauce and sauteed tatsoi/asapargus/sweet potato
My Friday lunch meal from Oakwood Cafe: Churassco with rice/spinach and fried yuca


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