Thursday, April 5, 2012

Adding mileage to my bike ride

I biked the Umstead bridle trails again today and added one extra hill (out and back that was 1 mile total). I think each time I go out there, I'll keep adding another hill, or just doing some repeats of the toughest hills to mimic some of the climbing we'll do in Colorado (Fruita).  Today's bike ride:
16.5 miles, 9.8 mph, 1 hr and 40 minutes. 
I felt pretty good today, no back issues, still can't get much past my knees when I bend forward but I'm trying to stretch every day.  At least the trend is positive and not sliding into pain territory.  I miss going to Forged Fitness but I know my body just can't take the high intensity workouts right now, I most likely won't go back until June to give my body a chance to recover and during these two months, I'm going to focus on getting a stronger core so my back doesn't have to take all the stress.


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