Friday, March 30, 2012

My back has failed me

So I haven't written any posts in a while because I've been in some pain due to my back. I found out on Tuesday that I have a herniated disc and a fragment impinging on my nerve at the L5-S1 region. So I essentially haven't done any exercise in the last 2 weeks until today. My back pain has subsided but I now have sciatic pain down my left leg if I sit for too long. Luckily this is better than this past weekend when the pain was constant. I think the constant and continual icing of my back plus lots of rest and walking have helped significantly. I almost believed I wouldn't need surgery but can't say for sure until I speak to the neurosurgeon on Monday. Since I have been feeling more like myself I decided to do a gentle workout today:
3x10 upright rows
3x30 shoulder shrugs (front, back, up)
3x10 lateral raises
3x10 bicep curls
3x1 dip (hard, could only do one with full range of motion)
3x30 wrist curls
All with 10 lb dumbbells except for the dips which were just bodyweight
3x10 knee pushups
3x10 air squats
3x60 sec planks
None of this hurt my back and it felt good to do a workout. This was a "JTH" workout (Jim's program excluding bench presses, leg lifts, crunches and side crunches).


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