Monday, March 12, 2012

Monday's WOD was all about cleaning

We had a pretty fun WOD this morning:
Row 400M
Power clean (63 lbs for me)
Box jumps (20", I did step-ups because I didn't want to skin my shin again and the old wound hasn't fully healed)
4 rounds
reps: 21, 18,15, 9
I finished in 20:00.
So in each round the power cleans and box jumps were reduced in number, but you still had to row 400 meters every round. I wanted to do 75 lbs but my back is still healing.  After the WOD was over, I tried deadlifting another guy's bar (it was 115 lbs) and my back hurt a bit trying to even do that weight!  This is frustrating, it really does take a long time to recover from an injury.


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