Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Food Log and February 2012

I was aiming to both eat well and abstain from bread and sugar during February but that did not happen.  I did eat well (most of the time) but I also ate bread (calzone (just 1), hamburgers and sandwiches, scones) and went into sugar overdrive in February.  I don't think the sugar overdrive was because I abstained from sugar in January.  The sugar highs definitely correlate to my monthly cycle, I turn into a zombie and just start eating Cadbury bars like nobody's business.  I also tend to eat chocolate when I'm feeling depressed or frustrated and work was a little frustrating in February.  I'd like to figure out how to not fall into the trap of eating for comfort but so far, I'm not that good at seeing the traps beforehand.  As for my weight, it fluctuates from 132-133 lbs and I most likely haven't gained a significant amount of weight because I've increased my running.
I'm going to make a stronger effort in March to abstain from all bread (I really do believe this helps my metabolism stay level) and no sugar.  Some of the ways that help me on the right track include:
Making sure I always have good food around (i.e. almonds, tuna, fruit, sunflower seeds) to snack on
Preparing two or three big entrees that serves as meals throughout the week
Eating out only once a week (or not at all would be the real goal)
I have found it easier to cook without bread/rice/pasta so that part is not hard anymore. Eating healthy is easy, the hard part is just not eating the "bad" stuff.  And I definitely am not one of these people who can just eat one tiny piece of chocolate and put the rest away, I go to town on the whole bag or the king size bars!  It's best just to not have it all.  If I can go another 30 days without it, and then another 30 days without it, it might become a habit.
And in March I will be writing down and blogging about my food intake! I realized that when I wasn't reporting it, I was worse in my eating habits.  I've also used the excuse of going to the chiropractor at 7 AM to stop by Panera and get a scone AND a spinach/artichoke souffle.  I patted myself on the back for the souffle because it has 20 g of protein (yes it also has a lot of fat and carbs but I convinced myself that it was okay because of all that protein!) and the scone was just bonus because I was going to the gym right before my chiropractor visits.  Both are a bad idea and I will not be going for anymore since it's hurting my wallet and my abs. 


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