Thursday, March 22, 2012

Day of pampering

From the Blue Lagoon website
Walking down the path on my way to the Blue Lagoon!

A little fuzzy but this is the entrance to the Blue Lagoon Spa

Looking at the Blue Lagoon thermal spa from inside the cafe
The blue blue blue Blue Lagoon
On my last day in Iceland, I went to the Blue Lagoon for some pampering.  The geothermal spa was amazing!  I changed into my swimsuit and went into the pool (really large) at 10 am, it was great, there were only a few people there at that time so it felt very private and quiet.  I soaked in there for an hour and tried the silica mud on my face (they have pots of it around the pool for you to self-apply).  It was surreal being outside in 40 deg weather and sitting in a hot thermal pool.   I really enjoyed looking up at the sky and the mountains around the Blue Lagoon while soaking in the pool.  Afterward, I went back inside for my facial which was a great experience.  The woman (Krista) did a great job.  Afterward, I went back into the pool again for another hour before changing and getting lunch at the Blue Lagoon cafe.  Then it was back to the airport to go back to the USA.  What a great way to end a vacation!  They make it very easy to go from your hotel to the Blue Lagoon and then to the airport.  I realize that it is a little touristy and there are other geothermal spas in Iceland but the expediency of the Blue Lagoon to the airport makes it appealing.  Plus how often can you soak in a thermal spa and have snow falling down on you??? Too cool. If you ever go to Iceland, make sure you go to the Blue Lagoon.


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