Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Snatches and front squats

I felt weak today because I couldn't snatch 66 lbs. I ended up dropping to 56 lbs and still had a hard time but made it through. It was also another big class today (12 people)!  I didn't really look forward to bigger classes (I even had a nightmare one time where the gym was packed with about 100 people for the 6 am class and they were doing wall balls outside near a lake that replaced the real parking lot), but, it has not been a negative at all.  I would even say that it's made me slightly more competitive and fueled the fire to get a "good" time.  Today's WOD:
3 snatches (I did 56 lbs, prescribed for women was 95 lbs)
6 front squats (67 lbs)
20 weighted step-ups (2x15 lb dumbbells, 20" box)
5 rounds
Time: 17:35
This was a tough WOD for me, I still move my head to the side when I do a snatch and struggled a bit on the last two rounds. Jason was there today and gave me a hard time about not squatting deep enough on the front squats (and I know I need to get down further!) so I worked on that during the WOD. 
Afterwards, Jason suggested I do some triceps kickbacks with a 25-20 lb dumbbell to strengthen my triceps and improve my pushups.  So I did 1 set of 10 with a 25 lb dumbbell and then 1 set of 10 with a 20 lb dumbbell (and I have to do this again on Thursday and Saturday).

I had another session with Dr. Staker (chiropractor) and my lower back still has some pain when he treated it which means it's not 100% okay yet. I also asked him about my runner's knee (right knee has been throbbing the last 3 days) and he asked if the pain was on the outside of my knee (it was) and said it was probably my illiotibial (IT) band.  He stretched out my leg and pressed on my IT band several times, it hurt but I'm hoping it helps. I'm going to have the IT band treated again on Thursday along with my back.  I think one of my bigger problems is I don't stretch enough and I know I don't do anything for my IT band. 


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