Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Running barefoot again!

I saw the chiropractor this morning and told him that although my back was feeling better, my left side (in particular around butt and hips) was in constant numbing pain, not enough to make me cry but enough that it felt like half of my body was not really mine.  He said that it was probably a pinched nerve (or nerves?) at the end of my spine that go down into the leg.  He did some assisted stretching (not sure what else to call it) and then the same manipulation he had previously done on my back and sent me off. And for most of today, I didn't have that numbing pain anymore although it came back towards the end of the work day, still not as strong as yesterday but there.  I've been trying to stretch it out and will go back on Friday for another treatment.  This injury has not been fun but I have changed my mind about chiropractors - they can be effective! I wasn't so sure before I saw Dr.Staker but this experience has been good and resulted in me healing faster.  I feel like if I had gone to a doctor, I would have gotten drugs and if I had seen a physical therapist, I would just get a lot of stretching, maybe I'm wrong but that is my impression of past visits with both. 

The pain in my left side has not affected my running though so I am still keeping at it.  Tonight, as part of the Complete Runner program (now in our 4th week out of 12), we did strides on the grass at Meredith College.  I went barefoot again and this time did 8 strides around the perimeter he marked for us.  Our warmup consisted of running 1.5 miles to the college from the running store where we meet.  I took off my shoes and socks once we got to the field and ran hard for 0.1 miles and then walked about 0.05 miles before repeating.  I finished with 8 total, I might have been able to do more but I remembered that the last time I did it, my feet were sore for 3 days!  Our recovery was running back to the store- 1 mile back via another route.  Heartrate was pretty consistent with the last run- up to 180-185 bpm and when I'm only running 0.1 miles, I can get down to a sub-5 minute pace :) Of course, I can't keep that pace up for longer than 0.1 miles but the whole point is to sprint and build speed. 


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