Monday, February 6, 2012

Running and the WOD

I took it fairly easy this weekend because I had a cold.  Saturday was a rest day and Sunday I got out and did a 3 mile run (10:30 pace) on the bridle trails at Umstead. 
That should have left me all refreshed and ready for the WOD today but it was pretty tough:
10 Thrusters (56 lbs)
15 Slamballs (20 lbs)
20 pushups (knee pushups)
400M run
4 rounds
I finished in 21:07
A thruster is a front squat and push-press combo, it is hard. I can do 75 lb front squats in a WOD and I can do 55, maybe 60 lb push presses, so for a thruster I stick to 55-56 lbs which can still be a struggle after a couple of rounds just because it is tiring to go directly from a front squat into a push press!  It didn't help that I overextended my lower back last week trying to get the 75 lb bar up (stupid, stupid, stupid, instead of squatting to receive the bar, I arched my back and knew the minute I did that I was hurting myself).  I thought most of the back pain was subsiding but it came back today in the thrusters so I'm going to have to take it easy the next couple of days (maybe even the whole week!).  Icing, foam roller and stretches will be daily activities until I feel better. 


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