Sunday, February 12, 2012

Run for the Roses 5K road race

Despite a twitchy back, I decided to still go through with the 5K today and am glad I did.  I did not do the bench press option (women bench half their weight and each rep means 30 seconds of your 5K time and they give out prizes to the top 3) because I was afraid I would screw up my back again (only 1 stupid move per week for me).  Jim did do the bench press option and ended up doing 12 reps.

They started the bench pressing at 1 pm and it took until 1:56 pm before we got out of there! I hope next year they start earlier.  I was a little irritated that they let some people do some pretty half-assed bench presses (not touching the bar to their chest, less than full extension).  We ran out of there and threw our extra clothes into the car when we heard the timer go off.  We ended up being the last people at the starting line.  We did have timing chips on so it didn't matter too much because your time registered when you hit the starting pad.  The run was a loop around the Mordecai neighborhood and was much hillier than I thought!  One house had Rocky blasting as we ran by in the last mile- just perfect for the run!  I felt pretty good, my back didn't hurt, my leg didn't hurt, and for awhile my pace was 8:40 but the hills got me and in the end I averaged a 9:15 pace.  After crossing the finish line, they gave me a rose (I suppose because it was Valentine's day weekend)! It was a nice touch to the end of the 5K.  I also liked the long-sleeved wicking shirt they provided, overall a great race!

I'm not sure what our final times were because we left before the times were announced. I'll update once the results are posted.
Afterwards, I got a free stretching session with the chiropractor on-site.  It was an awesome time!


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