Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Olympic lifts make you sweat

It's probably psychological but I already feel like 2 days at Forged Fitness has made me more energetic. Today's WOD:
3 straight leg deadlifts 75 lbs
3 snatch pulls 45 lbs
3 power snatches 45 lbs
6 overhead squats 45 lbs
7 rounds
I did try 55 lbs at first and it felt okay but I started to struggle on the second round so I switched to 45 lbs on round 3. After the workout was over, I stuck around and did:
10 pullups (green band, hold the position at the top for at least 5 seconds)
10 lunges holding a 45 lb bar in the front squat position
5 military presses 45 lbs
2 rounds
I stayed longer since I was going to the chiropractor at 7:15. My back feels okay but I did feel it doing the deadlifts and my left side still feels a little weird. I haven't been good about stretching so I need to work on that.


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