I'm kind of bummed that I can't go to the gym this week, after wrenching my back again on Friday night, I've decided that I will not attempt anything strenuous for another week.  I don't think I could anyway since my flexibility is down to zero now, I tried reaching down to touch my toes and got as far as my knees!  I'm seeing the chiropractor three times this week (M,W, F) but I don't feel any different from yesterday so I hope Wednesday and Friday comes up with something otherwise I'm going to go into despair mode.  I miss being flexible, I miss the privilege of moving anyway I want!   I missing jumping up and down and doing burpees.  Since I can't go to the gym, I'm going to try some bodyweight exercises tonight: pushups, planks, dips, and assisted pullups and more stretching.  In the meantime, check out Jim doing 180 lbs bench press at the Pump'n'Run contest from the 5K we did on Sunday (next year, look out, I'm going for a max rep on this race!):

Our results for the 5K Run for Roses race:
JIM            26:39   8:35 min/mile pace
SARWAT  28:56   9:33 min/mile pace

I was #12 out of 30 in my age group (35-39), Jim was #6 out of 16 in his age group!
In other news, last night I saw the writer of "Born to Run" at Duke University, Christopher McDougall.  He was entertaining and sincere.  His main message run for the fun of it, don't worry about your pace, your nutrition (the nutrition will come eventually on its own once you start running), or races.  Leave the competitiveness out of your running and just let it be.  Part of me agrees with this but another part of me just loves the races I have done!  And it wasn't because I was ever going to place or win anything. There is a communal aspect to these races and it's thrilling to have a crowd of runners carry you through at a pace you never would have tried if you were just running alone. And if you can't keep up the pace, there are some more runners behind you to run with!  So far, doing a race has been fun for me and I will continue with it, when it stops being fun, I won't race anymore but I just don't see that happening since the running community in Raleigh is really great and we put on some great races.  The flip side of this is that I know I don't want to do some big gigantic popular race like the NYC marathon or the Boston marathon because I see nothing fun in getting to the starting line 4 hours before the start because there are 50,000 other people there!  The Raleigh half-marathon was fun because I got there 10 minutes before the start, went to the porta-potty for my last bathroom break and hopped into the starting line right after the gun went off!  And that was with 4000 people there!  No stress, no fuss. It was perfect.  So if you haven't tried running, give it a go, it will suck for the first 3-6 months but then the happiness key will be turned on and you will feel awesome, I promise.  Here is a link to Christoper McDougall's exercise that will improve your running, try it, I know I'm going to: The Once and Future Way to Run.


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