Saturday, February 18, 2012

I can touch my toes again!

Best part of a run- good eats!

A plethora of breakfast
I feel back to normal again and it is wonderful.  I can touch my toes, I know longer feel any pain in my back or left side, yay!!!! And I'll be going back to the gym on Monday. In the meantime, I'm continuing to follow the Complete Runner program and today was our long run - 90 minutes or 9 miles starting out at 7:30 am.  I helped set the pace for Lisa and another girl in the group (Eleanor) and we finished 9 miles in 89 minutes!  It was about a 10:00 min/mile pace which was pretty good for all of us.  Lisa did start to lag when there was 1.5 miles left but I helped push her along and she really didn't want to be left behind so she kept it up until the end.  I've been running with Lisa as my running partner for over a year and half now and I think she stuck with me because I keep a consistent (albeit slow) pace and she felt like we matched each other in speed and determination (she and Jim never protest early morning runs like the rest of my friends here in Raleigh).  After the run was over, our coach Tim had us over for breakfast at his house and it was great.  I figured since I burned 1000 calories, I could pretty much eat whatever I wanted within the 1 hour window post-run.  So I chowed down on spinach quiche (from Costco, now I have to reconsider getting a membership, it was delicious), fruit compote bread pudding, a mini-cinnamon bun and half a bagel with butter plus orange juice.  It was great and very generous of Tim to have 20 people over for breakfast.
The run was at a good, hard pace that felt okay until we stopped for a few minutes to cross a road, my hips ached trying to get back into the run and it took a few more minutes before the pain went away. I suspect that I'm still using too much hip and not enough hamstrings in running.  The other funny thing was that during breakfast, Lisa told the others there that we (Lisa and I) used to run at a nice, comfortable pace and it was fun but now it felt like work!  I didn't realize she was thinking that this was work today because I didn't feel that way.  It was hard, but I liked pushing myself and was happy! I felt bad that she was thinking it was work so I might have to talk to her to let her know that she doesn't have to go at whatever pace I set and the most important thing is to have fun.  Once running becomes "work" and chasing some time or pace you think you need to have, you stop enjoying the scenery, the people you are with, and just the freedom of being outside and that is no good.


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